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Login: toniv                            Name: Toni Viemerö
Directory: /home/toniv                  Shell: /bin/zsh
Home Phone: +358-50-4616656
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Web developer. DevOps.
  "dob": "1976-12-09T23:50:00.000+02:00",
  "residence": "Espoo",
  "code": "GitHub",
  "rant": "Twitter",
  "work": "LinkedIn (EOL)",
  "experience": "~20 years",
  "wordpress": "Since 1.2 (2004)",
  "servers": {
    "OS": [
      "FreeBSD", "Linux", "macOS", "NetBSD", "Solaris"
    "Automation": [
    "Cloud": [
      "AWS", "Digital Ocean", "OpenStack", "OVH"
    "Services": [
      "Database", "DNS", "HTTP", "IMAP", "SMTP"
    "Monitoring": [
      "Munin", "New Relic", "Papertrail", "Pingdom", "Shinken", "Splunk", "Zabbix"
    "Coding & Scripting": [
      "Perl", "PHP", "Python (read only)", "Shell"
  "hobby": {
    "bike": ["Specialized Epic HT Expert", "Specialized Crave Pro", "Kona Kula"],
    "car": "MINI JCW",
    "cats": "Canadian Sphynx",
    "coffee": "Enthusiast",
    "food": "Asian/Indian",
    "gaming": "PC",
    "music": "lots",
    "movies/tv": "lots",
    "photography": ["DJI Mavic Air", "Fujifilm X100", "Nikon D7100", "Ricoh Singlex TLS"],
    "travel": "Central and Southern Europe"
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